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Monday, Feb 19th

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At iCare we can help you find the right e-learning solution for your business. Whether it is synchronous or asynchronous we have a way to help you. Using "Open Source" software, we will find a solution to your training needs that is affordable. Here is my change.

Synchronous tools

Synchronous tools offer the advantage of being more personal and spontaneous than asynchronous ones. They are very good for discussing specific questions or problems that require an expeditious answer, and that may stimulate additional questions that could also be answered at that time.

For example, your students might want to discuss the fact that there was a lot of confusion about a given assignment and that they would like an extension of the due date. You might be able to clear up the confusion and give them your decision about the due date in one chat session.

On the other hand, synchronous tools require that everyone be online at the same time. If your students reside in a number of different time zones, it may be difficult to arrange a time to meet that makes sense for everyone.

Furthermore, synchronous chats of more than 8 students can be very difficult to manage, because there are lots of "interruptions" in online chat, because no one can see when someone else is about to "speak."

Asynchronous tools

Asynchronous tools include email and computer mediated conferencing (also known as discussion forum, bulletin board, and listserv). These are more adaptable to courses in which students reside in several time zones. However, you may have a problem in getting your students to respond in a timely fashion.

There are two significant advantages of asynchronous modes of communication. First, everyone has an opportunity to "speak," not just the brightest or the boldest. Second, the comments and questions that students post in discussion fora are often more thoughtful and well-written than in chat or face-to-face discussion.


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