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Monday, Feb 19th

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Don't take me wrong. I love Apple! Yes the maker of one of the best computer in the world. But there are times when I find that their products are too far ahead. Take their laptops for example. Over the years, I had several laptops and found that there was always something missing. Amongst the latest laptop I had was my PowerBook G4. This was probably one of the best computer I ever had (I still have it and use it for workshops). When I bought that computer, I thought "this is it, no more need for adapter to connect to a projector or an external screen" - You know what I am talking about, these little Gizmos that you keep loosing and that you use to connect to VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc. Wrong again! Yes it had the DVI port, but none of the monitors or the projectors that I was using at the time had DVI ports, so I had to buy  adaptors that I had to replace a few times as I kept loosing them. After a few years I was starting to be able to connect directly with a DVI cable to monitors and projectors. Finally no need for adaptors. Wrong again, by that time my laptop was getting old and the hard drive too small. Time to upgrade! So I bought a MacBook Pro. Nice machine but again I needed adaptors to plug to monitors and projectors. Finally I decided to buy my own projector which accepts all type of connection VGA, HDMI, USB, etc. Now I can finally use one cable and no adaptor. I can even plug directly into my new TV (but not in my old). Still, I don't like this computer as much as I liked my G4. For example it doesn't have a firewire 400 port and I have a few HD enclosures using that type of connection. So guess what I need to carry around…..  a Firewire 800 to 400 adaptor. I also don't like that the USB ports are so close and on the same side. If I want to connect a USB key that is a little bit fat at the same time as another USB device it won't fit so guess what I need…. a USB adaptor. By now, you are starting to get the picture. Apple's products are wonderful, but they are not perfect. My best laptop, the one that is going to be easy to upgrade and that will also have a lot of ways to connect to peripheral, is not there yet! Meanwhile, I have to cary with me - you guessed it - a bunch of adaptors.


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