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Friday, Dec 15th

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Research in Motion is coming with a new generation of high-powered mobile devices. At least this is what they are announcing. I don’t know about you, but me I wouldn’t bet a penny on this company. I had a friend who asked me about RIM a while ago, his wife had just sold out her Visa and she wanted to invest in RIM. My answer “Stay away from it”.

RIM reminds me a bit of Nortel, great Canadian company with great products, but that might be just what the problem is. Rim is Canadian and it looks like it is getting a hard time competing with other companies (mostly American ones). Take their tablet for example. I was in a store the other day, and I look at one of them. Couldn’t get it to work! Battery was drained or tablet simply didn’t work. Apple had the same problem a few years ago. When I was visiting stores that would still carry their products (not many did in these years) it was hard to find computers that would be working.  Today when I go to a store and try Apple products, they all work. Why so you think? Probably because this is what the store is selling and they want to make sure they won’t miss a sale because a customer could not get the thing to work. Salespersons are making sure that Apple products are fully recharged or that they are on power supply. Also the employees are very knowledgeable because that is probably what they are using themselves.

I don’t wish RIM’s death, but they have to come with better products if they want to survive. Hope this new generation of mobile device will be their iMac.